Carol Hassen and Bob Fisher work very differently – Carol explores spontaneity, bright colors and the evocation of a place or feeling, and Bob works realistically, site-specifically and strives to put the viewer into the scene.

One thing they share is growing up on the move — for grades 1-12, Carol attended 13 schools, and Bob attended 11 schools. Neither were military brats. Growing up this way created a different perspective of the world, and for each it created flexibility and tenacity. They approach their work with this same flexibility and tenacity.

Carol was director of Larson Gallery in Yakima for 17 years, and director of Gallery One in Ellensburg for 5 years. Bob was chair of the art department at Yakima Valley Community College (now Yakima Valley College) for 30 years. Both are retired, work in the studio, love to travel and camp, and have two lovable dogs.


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